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A post? The hell?

Okay, I feel like I'm crawling out from under a rock by posting in here, (The sun! She blinds!) but—damnit—I have a reason for coming out and risking being blinded by you all! I need your help!

I know that this is going to sound ludicrous to some of you, but I would super-ultra-mondo appreciate the lot of you doing this for me. Good lord, it sounds like I'm about to ask you all to chop off your left hand for me (But, c'mon, how often do you use that one anyways?). But, actually, I am asking that you all participate in a fanfiction writing challenge for me.

I am referring to, of course, the Round Robin Challenge at hott_baguettes. Sign up! Please, dear god!

Now, I know that many (most) people aren't that into writing Simple Plan fanfiction anymore, much less Pierre/David, but this is a great opportunity to bring some quality back to the fiction we used to love so much. I want you guys to give this fandom a damn blood transfusion, a heart transplant, or whatever it takes!

This is a chance for us to rehash our love for Simple Plan or relive our old love for Simple Plan for just a short amount of time. This challenge is a perfect chance for us to just write a short bit and then go back to our lives. Whether or not this challenge encourages you to write more Pierre/David, Simple Plan slash, or just more fanfiction in the future, it will be well worth it.

I know that many of you are phenomenal writers—that's why you all congregated here, right? Riiiiight?—and not only would I much appreciate (and love to read) you writing in this challenge, but it would also help step up the content and quality of content in hott_baguettes.

I would consider you all participating as a huge personal favour to me, (Or if you hate my guts, a personal favour to someone that you actually like!) and I'm seriously asking for you all to give in and just write. Honestly, how often have you ever seen me write a fanfiction story? Never, that's right. But I signed up. And I'm harassing/begging/forcing/asking you all to do the same.

C'mon, guys. This is a huge chance to do something fun as a group. And, as a bonus, you get to see me make a jackass out of myself anywhere I can think of. Sound good?

Pierre/David "Pass It On" Fanfiction Challenge—Sign Up Here!

Much love, everyone. And thank you so much for listening and actually doing the challenge? Eh? Eh? (Oh, c'mon! If that one didn't convince you, what will?!)

Pestering you all since 2005,

P.S. I'm not below badgering each and everyone of you personally if you don't sign up. Keep that in mind, you fence-sitters! Hee.

Hott Baguettes Fiction Challenge
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