kathybates (kathybates) wrote in workingxtitlex,

quality over quantity only works when it's fucking good

"Sorry this chapter is short, I'll make up for it later, I swear."

• If it isn't that long, why don't you wait until you have more to post. Your readers will probably still be there but just a little more anxious.
• If you insist on making it so damn short, it should be fucking amazing if you think it's worth posting just yet.
• If it's not fucking amazing, then have a good reason ready on the spot for when I ask why you couldn't have posted more later.

Honestly. I don't want to read something like 500 words if it's just some filler crap that you posted for no other reason than you wanted to post that day. A short story/part to a story should be short because you've said all that needed to be said at that time. One scene that makes little to no difference to the rest of the story IS NOT ACCEPTABLE--especially if it's not even interesting in any sense. Even a long piece of shit can make it look like you tried harder.

As my 6th grade Science teacher said: "How long should your report be? I like to say that it should be as short as a skirt. Long enough to cover all the details and short enough to keep it interesting."
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