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to err is human but we stopped forgiving
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Are you sick of half-caliber Simple Plan Stories involving overused plots that are so predictable that you don't even have to read half of the story to know how it ends? Or do you hate how the [SP] fandom is slowly collapsing in on itself or do wonder sometimes why the remaining good Simple Plan fic- writers { flashditzie, butterballs, daytimetv, wasted_rawkstar } are flocking off to greener, better fandoms? Did you notice that lately the communites are dominated by the younger, less literate fans who are incapable of mastering the simple format of posting fanfiction under the LJ-CUT?

Then welcome, friend. This is the place for you.


A place for Simple Plan fans to practice their constitutionally protected right to free speech.

[ The Community ]

is moderated by thennen, and spurnd.


-Rant and bitch and generally slaughter Simple Plan fanfiction that irk us.
-Want a fic where David is not gayer than he is in real life
-Love people who aren't afraid to speak their mind
-Patronize Alexander Pope "To err is human; to forgive divine." However, our forgiving can only go thus far.

[ Rules ]

Please be civil though when you bitch. Maintain that you are not attacking the author personally but their work. {e.g. I saw spurnd shoplifting the other day/ selling weed on the streets} Nothing of that sort please. Whether the author sleeps with his/her gardener is none of our concern, the half- caliber fanfic is.

You are here to vent about the lack of quality fanfiction, about certain clichés that you resent and the un-availabity of good Simple Plan Slash Fiction. Attacking the author is not a good thing. If you want to give constructive crit, do it in a nice, adult way. Friends-Lock your post if you will mention a particular story, that way, there is little chance of the author in question to stumble upon your post.

-In the end, we all have shortcomings. The trick is to accept them and, authors, if you are offended in any way, don't join.

[ Further Notes ]

The community is just for fun. A place to preserve sanity for those people who want to take a break from all the "OMG LYK yOU ArE so GOOd uPdATE!!! PLZ LOLz." comments they receive. We are not affiliated with Simple Plan. We make no profit out of this but delight in giving you an outlet to vent.



[ We Love ]


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