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Title: "A Little Faith"
Author: pianoplayer2010
Band: Simple Plan
Pairing: Pierre/David
Rating: NC-17, just in case.
Summary: "I had been in the shower for about two or three minutes before I heard the soft click of the door shutting. I sighed from under the spray of hot water, but I pretended I didn’t know he was in here."
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters....but wouldn't it be cool if I did?

I had been in the shower for about two or three minutes before I heard the soft click of the door shutting. I sighed from under the spray of hot water, but I pretended I didn’t know he was in here.

The music faded as the last song ended, and before I knew it, the band was walking off stage and leaving the screaming fans behind, to be replaced by a bath and a place to sit. In my hyperness, leftover from the crowd, I jumped on the lead singer’s back; to which, he responded by grabbing a hold of my legs to keep me up.

The five of us (and Pat) walked back to the bus to wind down, (well, technically, four of them; since I was still on Pierre’s back). Upon getting to the bus, Jeff, Seb, Chuck, and Pat collapsed on the couch and Pierre walked us back to the bunks. “Don’t be too loud!” Jeff called, joking. I turned around and stuck my tongue out at him.

I slid off of Pierre’s back the minute we were out of sight and sat down next to him on his bunk. He laid down and made room for me, so I laid next to him and closed my eyes, ready for sleep to claim me. “That was a good show.” He whispered faintly.

“Yeah…” I agreed before slipping into a dream.

Consequently, when I woke up, Pierre and I were tangled in each other, apparently deciding to cuddle while we were asleep. Pierre woke up right after I did and it took him a second to register our current position. “Well…” he started and I pulled myself from his grasp.

“I’m gonna go eat something.” I stated and left the bunks, realizing we were on the road again and the bus was pitch black. Pierre didn’t follow me.

There was muffled conversation, as if he was deciding whether or not to follow through with his plans. Instead of listening, I poured a small amount of shampoo into my palm and tried to pretend that there wasn’t someone else, beside me, in the tiny bathroom.

Another concert, another night, another venue, another crowd. Another song written about me, whose words both stabbed me in the back and lulled me to sleep at night. Another wish, as the singer vocalized his thoughts, that something would be done about this problem we’ve created for ourselves.

The boy in question was particularly feisty tonight and would send me glances and sing my way from time to time. But this was normal. What wasn’t normal was a kiss that followed, and the gasps of pleasure erupting from the crowd. What wasn’t normal was the way my heart beat just a little bit faster.

But that was the least of my problems.

Soon, the sound of clothing hitting the floor met my ears and I sighed again, not knowing what he was planning. After another moment, the curtain was being drawn and in he stepped, determined to voice his thoughts to my face, this time, instead of singing them to a crowd who would never understand.

It wasn’t sleeping together – literally – or even an onstage kiss that caused our problems, really; it was the way everything changed because of it. People looked as us differently. We looked at each other differently. We looked at ourselves differently.

Everything was so up in the air because of things that happened – and
didn’t happen. Soon, the songs, the music, the friendship, the purpose…it all meant something different, now, too. After a while, we didn’t even know who we were anymore.

But we thought it was the right thing to do. We were doing it to save our career, our lives. But if that changed everything –
everything – did it matter anymore? Was it really worth hiding after all?

Pierre stared at me for a moment before he spoke. “David…I know we said we shouldn’t – we can’t…but I – Dave, I can’t help it. I love you. So much…and I –“

I didn’t let him finish. Instead, I kissed him like I’d wanted to do since he kissed me onstage. It was nice and slow, but it meant a lot to me. And I think Pierre go the message.
Soon, his arms were around mine and his tongue was tangled with my own. This was new to us; it was something we’d been looking for for a long time. And it meant that much more, tasted that much sweeter, when we finally achieved it.

Even sooner than before, one of Pierre’s hands was tangled in my hair, while the other was lowly tracing circles on my stomach. I gasped for air. “More.” Pierre didn’t need to be told twice. Soon, his hand was wrapping around my length while he slowly pushed me back to lean against the tiles.

I grabbed at his hair as he bit my neck softly and pumped me at a slow rhythm. I let out a soft moan and reached down to grab him, as well. Pierre moaned into my neck and let his hips buck forward and grind himself along me. This earned a moan from both of us.

His hand moved faster, as did mine, and the two of us were whispering each other’s name against the tiles of the tour bus’ small shower. It wasn’t long before a long moan erupted from Pierre’s mouth.

“David…” he cried softly as he came against my hand, me following shortly after. We panted together and cleaned ourselves off under the water, still kissing semi-aggressively. It wasn’t until we were climbing out of the shower and wrapping towels around ourselves that I spoke.

“I love you, too.” I whispered sincerely, lifting my gaze to the singer’s smooth face. He smiled and kissed me tenderly before slipping out of the bathroom and into the bunk area.

Even though things had been rocky to start with, I knew everything would turn out for the better. I had faith.

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