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Today(or rather, tonight) I found an interesting community called, fanficrants.

Dear people who take this too seriously,
You DO NOT have the right to a fandom free of badfic. Authors who write badfic ARE NOT committing a crime. Fandom IS NOT a place you have to "deserve" to be in because you write well. Bad writing IS NOT an excuse for bad treatment.

Or in other words ...

You ARE NOT doing anything good by harrassing or insulting bad writers or telling them that they shouldn't be writing, YOU ARE BEING AN ASSHOLE.

There's no law that you're only allowed to be creative if you're good at it. Let them have their fun, for chrissakes. It won't kill you to click the "back" button if it's really that horrible. LET IT GO.

Edit: Before anyone else misunderstands, by "insulting" I didn't mean ranting about badfic or sporking it in places like GAFF. Guess that wasn't clear.

-- Taken off: The Guide To Ranting

You DO NOT have the right to a fandom free of badfic

I would love it if this post were not to be deleted. Then again, I am a co-mod. But tonight I feel like pointing that out.

Now, I didn't write the above. It takes so much brainpower, which I lack, and if you peered really close (and squinted) you'd see the little note that says, two sentences prior from this one that I am typing out: Taken off. Go figure.
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