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the two words really say it all

overused plots.

Chances are, if I've read it more than three times, so have you and there really is no reason to just add to the insanity. The easiest one to point out is probably the one that goes:

→ the two characters are best friends and both are supposedly straight
→ one has a crush on the other, but because he believes the other to be straight, he doesn't say anything
→ one day the secret slips and the kid spills his guts, only to be told that the supposedly straight object of his affection feels the same way
• After that, one of two things happens:
Fluff: the two decide to become a couple and tell everyone and everyone is like "That's great, we're happy for you!"
Angst: the two decide to keep it a secret because they're afraid of what the others might think.
• Give or take some of the the minor spins that can vary:
1) All the guys but one are happy and that is because he too is "in love" with one of the original two
2) The two keep it a secret until they're caught "in the act" by someone who proceeds to get everyone else in on it
3) They really are kicked out of the band by everyone else who thinks they're disgusting
4) (MY PERSONAL FAVORITE) They get together but due to any number of possible complications, one of them decides to commit suicide
• And let us not forget the biggest part of the whole plot that has simply GOT to be included in every variation. When the news is spilled that the first party might be gay, it is never acceptable to have them simply say "I think I might be gay and I like/have feelings for you." They must ALWAYS say "(I think I might be gay)1 I love you."

Honestly, let's be real. Who wants to read that again? I think I am more amused by my breakdown of it than the actual story itself anymore. If you really feel the need to write something like this, might as well try to put a new spin on it that I haven't seen before and, as anyone can see, I've seen a lot. Hell, I can't even think of a new one. Maybe the most radical would be to have one of them say the word "like" instead of "love" but I may have even seen that one before (I'm not quite sure).

1. Parenthesis: Optional
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